5 Free Winter Scenes Coloring Pages

Download 5 free winter scenes coloring pages printable for kids and toddler. Get more fun and happiness with this free printable coloring pages.

Winter is one of the four seasons and the coldest time of the year. Winter comes after autumn and before spring.

Winter begins the winter solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere the winter solstice is usually December 21 or December 22. In the Southern Hemisphere the winter solstice is usually June 21 or June 22. The days are shorter and the nights are longer.

Some animals hibernate during this season. In temperate climates there are no leaves on deciduous trees in winter. One of the holidays in winter is Christmas. (Wikipedia)

free winter scenes printable coloring pages

playing in winter printable kids coloring pages

winter scenes coloring pages

free printable winter scenes coloring pages

winter scenes free printable coloring pages

This coloring sheet was taken from Dover sample coloring book, you can get more this winter scenes coloring pages by visiting Dover publications store. See also another seasonal coloring pages like "9 Spring Flower Coloring Pages".