Arts Of Picasso Printable Coloring Pages

Downloads and print out Picasso coloring pages printable. Pablo Picasso was a famous cubist painters artist who became a legend in the world. Picasso was born in 1881 in the city of Malaga, Spain with the full name of Pablo Ruiz Y Picasso.

His father was an artist and art teacher. Pablo emerging talent in the very young age and he had become topnotch painters during their teenage years. In 1904 he settled in Paris and for the subsequent stay in France.

Picasso actually an extremely productive artist. During his life as an artist was unusually long he has created more than 20,000 works of art are separated from each other, an average of more than 5 work in a week that lasted for 75 years.

Most of his work has always stood at the forefront in terms of high prices, because that Picasso became very wealthy. He died in the town of Mougins, France, 1973.

Picasso is an important figure in the birth of the style of "cubism" in the art world. He was also admired for his intelligence and technical ability is high.

most famous paintings by picasso

Picasso has the ability topnotch be realistic painting. Not only that, he is almost always to change the posture of an object. One time he said, "If I want to paint cup, I will show you that the round shape; but it is something common rhythm and force the construction of the painting indicates that the name I round it as a square."

Pablo Picasso is a figure that started the cubism presence of this flow. This flow was shocking the art world. The most fundamental reason for this flow will change the perception of the beauty of art. The simplest example is Picasso painting called the Demoiselles d'Avignon.

This painting of a female figure, but he did it with a figure that is very difficult to recognize. This does not mean, Picasso had "made strangeness" in making the work. Because before, he had studied the work of sculptor Liberia and other African sculptures that use curved shapes and disproportionate.

Many well-known artists is marked by a kind of basic styles. Not the case with Picasso. He displays the vast spaces of various stunning styles. Art critics dub as "blue period," "periods of pink," "neo-classical period" and so on.

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He is one of the forerunner "Cubism," He sometimes participate, sometimes against new developments in the world of modern painting. Perhaps no painter in history who could give birth to works of quality so high with so many styles and ways.

Although the main title of a painter, he also did many sculptures. Plus, he ballet stage designer, he struggled with the art of making pots, leaving a large number of works of lithography, painting over the lines with pencil or chalk than many other branches of art.

Picasso's work is also inspired by political problems. For example, the painting titled "Guernica" (1937) ". This painting tells the story of the civil war going on in Spain.

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In this pages you can download and print out 15 best art of Picasso printable coloring pages likes Guemica, Les demoiselles d'Avignon, The weeping woman, Three musician and Seated woman.