Honda Accord Coupe Mugen Coloring Pages

Honda Accord Coupe Mugen coloring pages is available here to downloads for free. With the continuing fuel crisis and tighter emissions regulations surrounding the automotive market.

Honda engineers changed their focus on the Accord Coupe Mugen as a Mustang competitor, and built upon the Civic's successful formula of economy, fuel efficiency and a front-wheel drive layout in a larger package.

The instrument cluster was revised with mostly pictograms which replaced worded warning lights and gauge markings. Nivorno Beige was replaced by Oslo Ivory. Dark brown was discontinued, as was the bronze metallic.

The shifter was redesigned to have a stronger spring to prevent unintentional engagement of reverse, replacing the spring-loaded shift knob.

2015 Honda Accord Coupe Mugen Pictures

Honda Accord Coupe Mugen Coloring Pages