Bus Coloring Pages To Print

Download bus coloring pages to print for preschool and kindergarten kids. Bus is a large wheeled vehicle used for carrying passengers in large quantities. The term bus is derived from the Latin, omnibus, which means "a vehicle that stops at all stop".

At first, the bus merupakana horse-drawn vehicle, then starting from the 1830s steam-powered bus started there. Along with the times, the conventional engine-powered bus is the invention of the electronic trolley bus that functions with a set of wires that exist in several places in large quantities.

Bus-powered engines first appeared in conjunction with the development of the car. After the first engine-powered bus in 1895, various models were developed in the 1900s, until finally a widespread form of bus is intact from the 1950s.

The bus became popular in the early 20th century due to World War I. At that time, most of the rail means allocated for the needs of the war and because of the existence of private cars, so we need other means of transportation that can carry many passengers.

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