The Leopard And The Shepherds Story

The Leopard And The Shepherds is a short story about a hungry leopard and a shepherd in some pit in the village but just because to have fun a shepherd do some big mistakes, what big mistakes they do you can read on the short story below.

The Leopard And The Shepherds Story

Leopard was searching for food in a village. There was a big pit in the village, which was covered with dry leaves and sticks. The Leopard did not see the pit and fell into it.

A Shepherd looked inside the pit and said to the other Shepherds, “Look! A Leopard has fallen inside the pit.”
The Leopard And The Shepherds Story

Just to have fun, some Shepherds threw stones at the Leopard. However, some kind Shepherds threw some food inside the pit so that the Leopard could stay alive. By nightfall, all the Shepherds returned home. They thought that the Leopard would die at night. 

At night, the Leopard gathered all his strength and crawled out of the pit and went to his den. After a few days, when the Leopard was strong again he went to the village to take his revenge. The Leopard killed all the Shepherds who had thrown stones at him and ate their cattle.

The other Shepherds were scared and begged the Leopard, “Please take our cattle but spare our lives.” The wise Leopard replied, “I have come to harm only those Shepherds who hit me with stones.”

Moral lesson from leopard and shepherds story is : Don't make trouble with some one who is in distress because we could suffer likewise.