The Fox And The Pig Short Story

Be wise and think carefully for some help offered to us because it's may not  help we need. Read the full short stories of "The Pig And The Fox" below to understand what I say !.

The Fox And The Pig Story

One day, a Fox wanted to cross to the other side of a river. He decided to swim across and reach there.

Now, the river was flowing very fast. The Fox tried to swim but was swept away by the force of the water. Tumbling along the bumpy river and rocks, he was finally thrown into a deep ditch.

He could not move, as he was hurt and tired and was feeling very sick. He lay still. Soon, many hungry, bloodsucking flies settled on him.

Pig, who was passing by, saw the Fox was hurt and was in great pain. He  said, “Shall I drive away the flies? They are sucking your blood. You will feel much better when they are gone.” “No! Not at all!” said the Fox. “Do not disturb them.”

The Fox And The Pig Short Story

The Pig was surprised. “Why won’t you let me drive away the flies?” he asked the Fox.

“You see, kind Pig, these flies are full of blood.

They are hurting me very little. The new ones who will take their place, will drink all the blood I have and I will be worse.”
Moral lesson of The Fox and the Pig story is : We must think carefully for something offered because it might not something we need.