The Bald Man And The Fly Kids Stories

On a hot summer day, a Bald Man was sitting in his sweet shop. A lot of flies were buzzing around the tasty, tempting sweets to sit on them.

The Man thought to himself, ‘I must not let any fly sit on the sweets or my sweets will get spoil and then who would buy them?’ So, he constantly moved his hands left and right and up and down to fly them away.

A Fly saw this and sat on the bald head of the Man and bit it.

The Bald Man got out and slapped his head in order to kill the Fly. The Fly at once flew from the Man’s head and said mockingly, “Stupid Man! You tried to kill me for just biting you.

The Bald Man And The Fly Kids Stories

Look! You hurt yourself by slapping your own head hard.”

The Man said to the Fly, “I did not hit myself intentionally, so I am not feeling bad. But you are a very bad Fly. You suck human-blood and trouble them for no reason.

I am ready to suffer a bigger loss than hitting myself if I can just kill you!”

The Bald Man And The Fly moral lesson is you will only injure yourself if you try to hurt your worthless enemies.