Scientist Coloring Pages

Scientists are people who are experts or have a lot of knowledge about science. In another sense, a scientist is a person who engaged in science.

Various scientists based on field :
  • Fields of physics: physicists
  • Chemistry: chemist
  • Biology: biologist
  • Field of philosophy: philosophers
  • In literature: literary
  • Field of religion: the clergy
  • Economics: Economists

Scientist and Engineers are often confused in the public mind in general. The scientist Alan Turing is considered the father of artificial intelligence. The engineer Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioning.

Science is based on observed facts and truths tested, arranged in an ordered system that can validate and communicate to others knowledge. Engineering is the creative application of scientific principles used to plan, build, manage, lead, manage or work on systems to maintain and improve our daily lives.

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However, there are many cases of significant achievements made in both fields by the same person. When a scientist also has a background in engineering, or vice versa, the same individual explores the principles of nature to solve problems and design new technologies. Scientists often perform some engineering tasks, such as experimental equipment design and prototyping; some of these tasks make own engineers, trained in scientific research.

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