Painter Kids Coloring Sheet

Painter is a person who creates a two-dimensional work of art such as paintings. Besides painter, a term that had been popular as a synonym is an image expert.

In Roman and Greek times the painter was also responsible for decorating the statues, which were painted to be as similar as possible to the actual structure. 

Apart from this occupation that relieved to second place behind sculptors, was common panel painting (using the technique of tempera or encaustic) and the mural, whose role was basically decorate the homes of wealthy families, the most requested portraits.

Until the Renaissance painter was primarily a craftsman, paid mainly to count events through images, whether sacred or church celebrations or citizens (the nobles and / or wealthy bourgeois). 

The practice of portrait precisely stated in the Renaissance and successfully continue until the nineteenth century.

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From the nineteenth century with the new photographic techniques that allowed immediate and more faithful portraits, the painter by profession became a photographer, or "recycled" as an illustrator, graphic, sketch artist or cartoonist and painter artist was based on his staff and no inspiration in the commission of a customer.

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