Longing For A Son Short Story

One of Noah’s descendants was a man called Abraham, who grew up in the city of Ur in Mesopotamia. His wife was Sarah. This couple had no children. 

After waiting for many years, Abraham began to wonder who would take over from him, if he had no son. He thought how the God’s promise of building a great nation through him and his descendants will never be true if he would not have a son.

God heard his voice and appeared to him in a vision and assured him, saying, “Do not worry you will have a son. Look up at the night sky and count the twinkling stars, if that is possible that is how many descendants you have. 

Longing For A Son Short Story

And look at the land as far as you can see to the north, south, east and west. It will all belong to you and your descendants.”

Abraham was a man who had faith and trust in God, so he believed what God told him but he wanted more assurance.

“How can I know that the land will be mine?”, he asked God.

To show Abraham that his promise will come true, God asked him to sacrifice some animals. Abraham killed a cow, a goat and a ram, and cut them in half and also killed a dove and pigeon to offer to god.

That night, Abraham fell into a deep sleep, but instead of relaxing, he was puzzled with fear because of his strange land. But God would eventually punish the notion that had enslaved them. 

After that God blessed the descendants of Abraham and they came back to Canaan with enormous wealth. Finally Abraham would live to a ripe old age and die in peace.

Then God sent a cooking pot to Abraham. It was billowing with a smoke and a torch ablaze with fire through the animal pieces to seal his promise with a visible indication.