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Firefighters are trained officer or agency tasked to suppress fires. Firefighters besides trained to rescue victims of the fire, also trained to rescue victims of traffic accidents, building collapses, etc.

The Fire Department is equipped with an anti-heat clothes or anti-fire and also helmets and boots / shoes specialized in performing the task, and the clothes are usually equipped with scotlight shiny white reflector that can be seen at the time of execution of the task.

Each firefighter has executive offices as the location element firefighters. These offices serve as the location of fire department vehicle garage and storage of fire fighting equipment, information center and complaints, as well as the location of fire-fighting operations command.

Fire department vehicle is a vehicle emergency fire brigade. This vehicle type is usually the back of a truck that water storage, and these vehicles are generally colored red. 

There are several types of vehicles used in the unity of firefighters as: car double cabin to bring the officer / firefighter command, trucks with small size and large water carrier, truck transportation fire extinguishers, and trucks carrying stairs / ladder. As well as operational vehicles such as ambulances, automobile engineering, automobile assistance, etc.

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Portable fire extinguisher is a fire extinguisher that is easy to operate even by one user. because it is small and the weight may be covered by one person alone.

Portable fire extinguisher unit has its advantages and disadvantages, which can turn off the tube of this type of fire at the start of the fire. but not recommended for fires that have been enlarged.

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