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Comedian or comedienne are those who entertain the audience, especially in making them laugh, with a droll way, that is an attempt to make others laugh, or simply make someone else happy. The trick vary, depending on the comedian and usually adapted to the conditions that will be made to laugh.

The most common way is by saying a joke, the subject of jokes of others, or yourself. Another way is to conduct a made-up to look cute and performances can be ridiculed in front of others.

In the United States the more famous is the single joke or standup comedy, comedian standing in front of an audience and say a monologue about something. This kind of joke as more dependent on the delivery and content of the story.

Another well-known form of comedy is comedy group, which is comprised of a comedian and stage a story. Each portray the characters and the humor that happens comes from the interaction between these characters.

comedian cartoon

Sole comedian examples are Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Jeff Foxworthy, and Eddie Izzard.

In addition, there are several groups of British and American comedy like Monty Python and the Marx Brothers.

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