Coloring Pages Of Musicians

Musician is a person who plays a musical instrument such as a guitar or piano or singing.

A musician is also someone who writes music (Songwriter), both for himself and handed over to someone else. The person who wrote the music called composers.

Usually part of it was removed when they also play or sing music written, but they are still composers because they wrote the music.

Musicians also make a group together to play a song. If the group was made up of many people who play musical instruments together, like Beethoven, called the orchestra.

If it consists of a lot of people who sing, as in the flag ceremony, the name choir. If only a few people who together are usually called a band. Sometimes bands have names like singer.

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Some of the famous and legendary musicians such as:
  1. Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
  2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
  3. Bob Marley (playing an electric guitar, sing)
  4. Paul McCartney (singing, playing the piano)
  5. Michael Jackson (singer)
  6. Jimi Hendrix (playing an electric guitar, sing)

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