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Basketball is a sport balls in groups consisting of two teams of each of the five people who compete with each other to score points by inserting the ball into the opponent's basket. 

Basketball is very suitable to be watched because usually played in the indoor sports hall and only requires a relatively small field.

In addition, the game of basketball is also more competitive because of the tempo of the game tends to be faster when compared with the other ball sports, such as volleyball and soccer.

There are three main positions in basketball: 

1) Forward, a player whose primary job is to score points by inserting the ball into the opponent's basket.

2) Defense, the player whose primary job is to keep the opposing players an opponent difficulty inserting the ball.

3) playmaker, a player who played a key role by regulating the flow of the ball game and the strategy played by his teammates.

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Basketball is considered as a unique sport because it was created accidentally by a sports teacher. In 1891, Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian sports teacher who taught in a college for the professional students at the YMCA (a Christian youth container) in Springfield, Massachusetts. 

He had to make a game in an enclosed space to fill time students during winter vacation in New England. Inspired from the game he's ever played as a child in Ontario, Naismith created the game now known as basketball on December 15, 1891.

According to the story, after rejecting several ideas as too harsh and less suitable to be played in the stadium-ring sealed, he then wrote a few basic rules, attach a basket on the wall of the gymnasium, and ask the students to start playing the game he created.

Official game basketball first, held on January 20, 1892 in the workplace Dr. James Naismith. Basketball is a term that is spoken by one of his students. This sport was soon well known throughout the United States. Ardent fans placed in all branches in the United States. Game by game was held in all the cities of the state of the United States.

At first, each team of nine people and no dribble, so that the ball can only move through the throw. History regulation basketball game starting from 13 basic rules written by James Naismith.

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