Vietnamese Zodiac Coloring Sheet

Below you can download Vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet and under every zodiac sign you can read the legends of each sign.

To download this zodiac coloring sheet to your device is very simple you just need to right click on the image and choose to save image and make a destinations in which folder you want to save it.

There was many myth and legends about each sign and you can believe it or unbelieve it, its up to you.

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet dog
The dog being a great swimmer made it near last because of its inability to refrain from playing in river. He had so much fun that he nearly forgot the race was occurring and finally made it in 11th place.

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet dragon
While the Great Race was occurring the dragon was busy creating heavy rains to irrigate a local village suffering from severe drought. When he finally made it to the finish line the dragon made it in 5th place.

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet horse
The horse with all its power and might crossed the river all by itself so it thought. When galloping hard after making it out of the ranging river the snake hiding in its hoof popped out scarring the horse half to death causing it to fall behind making it in 7th place.

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet monkey
The monkey knew being a land animal it definitely not make it across the ranging river alive so it made a pact with the rooster and the goat to cross together. The rooster informed the monkey about a raft near by and it used it’s hands to pull the raft out of the marshy weeds and grass lands.

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet ox
The gracious ox was naive when he agreed to help the rat and the cat across the river. He would have been first on the zodiac calendar if he decided to say no, but he couldn’t. Thus he lost 1st place in the zodiac list because he was betrayed by the rat. Legend has it that while crossing the river the rat pushed the cat overboard when they neared land.

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet Pig
The Great race was nearly over when the pig finally made it to the finish line. The Jade emperor was about to end the race when he heard the oinks and squealing of a pig nearby. Apparently the pig made a pit stop during the race and ate a huge meal then fell asleep. When he woke he realized he was still in a race and frantically stumbled into the end of the finish line.

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet rabbit
While crossing the river on the water buffalo, the scheming rat pushed the rabbit into the river to ensure its place at the top of the list.

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet rat
When the Jade Emperor summoned the Great Race the clever rat and the cat not being the best swimmers decided to make a pact to ride on the back of the water buffalo. Things got ugly as the water buffalo approached the finish line. The rat at this point knew he could beat the water buffalo but not the cat to the finish line, so he pushed the cat into the raging river.

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet rooster
The rooster knew it couldn’t swim the ranging river so it made a pact with the monkey and the goat to cross together. The rooster with its sharp eyes spotted a floating raft near the river and informed the monkey and the goat about it.

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet sheep
The sheep being a slow swimmer decided to make a pact with the monkey and the rooster to work together to cross the river. After being informed by the rooster about a raft floating nearby in the marshy grasslands, the sheep cut through the weeds and grass with its sharp teeth and helped the monkey pull the raft out of the river.

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet snake
The snake was another animal that was cleaver and used another animal to compensate for it’s weakness in the raging river. The snake nested itself into the hoof of the horse as it crossed the river

vietnamese zodiac coloring sheet tiger
Even with it’s fierce strength the tiger made it in 3rd position on the calendar list. The currents of the ranging river proved too strong for the tigers might and he came in crossing the finish line huffing and puffing.