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Mechanics or technicians generally is someone who mastered the particular field of technology that more understanding of the theory of fields, such as engineers. Generally they are mastering the technique compared to the average layperson, or even a professional in that field.

High-level understanding of the theory and techniques of high-level generally controlled by a technician to become an expert in a particular equipment. It could be part of the process (manufacturing) larger.

Therefore, the audio engineer, if not trained in the field of acoustics as a physicist and an acoustic engineer, generally know more than other studio personnel, including performers, and can operate with better sound equipment. Mechanics when grouped as skilled workers and workers trained half.

Mechanics can be found in a number of areas, and usually has a job title with the title 'engineer' following categories of work are more suitable. Then, 'stage technicians' are workers who provide technical support to put the play, whereas 'medical technician' are workers who provide technical assistance in the field of medical industry and the medical profession.

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