Hot Wheels Cars Coloring Pages

Yesterday I have been share Frozen coloring pages for your daughters and now for your boys I want to share free Hot Wheels cars coloring pages to print.

Hot Wheels is one of popular car toys who produced by Mattel since 1968, Mattel is also the manufactures of popular girls doll Barbie. In 1968 Mattel was introduce they toy cars in 16 models, 10 cars was based on customized versions of regular cars on that era and 6 cars was designed base on real show cars which was built for track racing.

Hot Wheels cars collectors named them "The Sweet 16" and they was :

  1. Custom Barracuda
  2. Custom Camaro
  3. Custom Corvette
  4. Custom Eldorado
  5. Custom Firebird
  6. Custom Fleetside
  7. Custom Mustang
  8. Custom T-Bird
  9. Custom Cougar
  10. Custom Volkswagen
  11. Deora (based upon a real custom surf-truck)
  12. Ford J-Car (based on the real race car Ford GT40 Mk IV)
  13. Hot Heap (based upon the Model T roadster "Tognotti's T")
  14. Python (originally called the "Cheetah" - based on Bill Cushenberry's "Dream Rod")
  15. Silhouette (based upon Bill Cushenbery's custom car)
  16. Beatnik Bandit (based upon Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's custom show car)

Downloads HotWheels Cars Coloring Pages Printable

HotWheels Coloring Pages For Kidscool hot wheels coloring pages for kids

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HotWheels Coloring Pages For Kids PrintableHotWheels Cars Coloring Pages Printable

HotWheels Cars Coloring Pages To PrintHotWheels Cars Coloring Pages

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