Curious George Coloring Pages

Curious George is a cartoon movie about the life of a little monkey named George. George is a smart monkey who lives with a man with yellow hat. They live in the apartment in small city and the man also has a house in the village.

George is clever animal which was taken from the jungle in Africa, he was very very curious about everything. some time this will make some chaos but some times what he do also help some one. He was a kindness animal who want to help somebody else.

In the town George made good friends with a pizza seller, George love the pizza and this man likes to give an ice cream for a bonuses to George. George sometimes also help this man in the kitchen.

Curious George

This monkey is clever because he want to learn, if the monkey can be a smart animal because he want to learn you will better from him if you want to learn too and what if right know you learn how to coloring this curious George coloring pages ?.

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