Realistic Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween is a tradition of celebration the night of October 31, and is mainly celebrated in the United States. This tradition comes from Ireland and was taken by the Irish who immigrated to North America.

Halloween is celebrated by children by wearing spooky costumes and going from door to door asking neighbors candy or chocolate, saying "Trick or treat!" The speech is a kind of "threat" which means "Give us candy or we will trick you."

In these days, the kids are usually no longer disturb the people who do not give anything. Some children are still disturbing the people who were stingy with the way decorate the tree in front of their house with toilet paper or write to the windows with soap.

Halloween symbol that is universally understood is carved pumpkin with scary face called Jack-o'-lantern. In the Jack-o-lantern is usually placed lit candles or lights to make it look more sinister in the dark.

Happy Halloween Coloring Pages

In the United States, Jack-o'-lanterns are often placed at the entrance of the house after it gets dark. Tradition carve Jack-o'-lantern comes from North America that produce many large pumpkin.

In order to welcome "Happy Halloween Day", right now we will share realistic Halloween coloring pages with you. Download  all this free printable Halloween coloring pages by clicking the image below !.

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