K Letters Alphabet Coloring Pages

In the Latin alphabet, K letters is the 11th alphabet letters after J letters and before L letters. K letters is formed of a straight line that connected with two straight lines in the direction of 45 degrees up and down.

To practice your child to write letters K, start by creating a straight line from the top to the bottom and make a 45 degree line up that started from the middle to the same height as the first line height. After that proceed to make one more line of 45 degrees downward to equal the bottom line of the first made.

K Letters Image
Use our K letters alphabet tracer pages to do that, print more than one copy to give more time for your kids to practise. Interspersed the activity with animals coloring pictures activity that uses letters K that I have provided to make your child does not quickly get bored.

Don't be lazy to attend your kids when they practise, try with another alphabet like J alphabet letters or B alphabet letters that I had posted before this articles.

Alphabet Coloring Pages K For KANGAROO

Animal Alphabet K KangarooAlphabet Tracer Pages K Kite
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