Realistic Coloring Pages Of Cats

Cats are one of the many animals reared by humans other than fish, dogs and rabbits. Cats become one of the favorite animals for humans because these animals maintained easily tamed, harmless and has a beautiful coat. 

Some types of cats like Siamese cats, Persian cat, Angora cat, Manx cat and Spinx is the cat that has race line pure descent and officially recorded so that it has a higher selling price than the other cats besides the feathers is very beautiful, this type of cat normally domesticated in particular. 

Printable Cats Coloring Pages

A cat is usually pregnant for 63 days and any kittens will be born blind and deaf, their eyes and ears will be open and functioning normally at the age of 8 to 10 days and they are weaned by its mother until the age of 6 s / d 7 weeks. Most scientists believe that the ancestors cats are Miacis, wild animals such as raccoons and shape life in the early days of the emergence of modern mammals around 50 million years ago.