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Download transformers movie characters coloring pages for kids printable, including Optimus Prime, Bumble bee, Megatron and also Starscream all for free

Transformers is an animated movie about the robots that can transform into a variety of vehicles such as cars, trucks, helicopters and electronic equipment. Combat robots are typically robots that can turn into different types of vehicles while a robot that can turn into a variety of electronic devices such as mobile phones and radios are small robots that usually becomes a spy or the support technicians.

Transformer robots are divided into two groups, namely a robot hero that Autobots and led by a robot named Optimus Prime, while the evil robots were in a group Decepticon with a leader named Megatron.

Autobot Transformer Logo SymbolDecepticon Transformer Logo Symbol

The original Transformer toys Characters was first produced by the Japanese Diaclone Toys in the 1970's called Microman and Diaclone. An American toy company named Hasbro later bought the patent from the Diaclone Toys.

Shortly thereafter a Japanese company named Takara buy some patents Transformer robot so that up to now there are 2 versions of Transformer, the Transformer Japanese version made by Takara and Transformer American version made by Hasbro.

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