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Martin Luther King Jr. was a minister in the Baptist Church Montgomery, Alabama who fought against racial discrimination against black citizens of America. In 1963, King led the bus boycott demonstration in Birmingham. Boycott was done without using violence. He followed the principles of Mahatma Gandhi who fought to avoid violence. For several years, he made a great success, but gradually the young black people stay away because they can not accept non-violence espoused. Instead, King did not stop and continued to expand its program.

As a result of his actions in opposing discrimination against black people, King was jailed in Birmingham jail. While in prison, he wrote a letter entitled "Letter from Birmingham Jail". In his letter, King said that he felt called to voice their prophetic voice against the injustices of his day. He also criticized those who did not agree to the bus boycott in Birmingham.

To him, they are the ones who are not sensitive and can not perform an analysis of the main cause of the boycott. According to King, they are swept up in a situation that happened and are not able to break the domination of the white people.

Martin Luther King
fame rests primarily on high dreams and spectacular style as a pastor. His speech entitled "I Have a Dream" in the parade marched to Washington, DC (August 28, 1963) made ​​him more famous. He is revered by many honorable titles. In 1963, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. He was shot to death when he staged in Memphis on April 4, 1968. The shock of his death caused a lot of riots and clashes in several cities across the United States.

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To honor and commemorate his services were very large for a fundamental change in the U.S. below we have provided a number of images of Martin Luther King Jr. to be colored. Download free printable Martin Luther King Jr. coloring pages.

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