Elephants Coloring Pages Realistic

Before download elephant coloring pages realistic below, let me tell you a little about this elephant although you probably already know :).

Elephants are the only mammals greatest surviving to the present on earth. Until now there are 3 types of elephants can be seen that the African bush elephant, African forest elephant and the Asian elephant.

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Elephant population has declined every time because of hunting by humans in order to take they ivory. Although it is against the law, but because the ivory is very expensive, a lot of the right people to do it.

Elephants have some uniqueness, in addition to his size he also has a very large brain size is large enough so that the elephants are pretty smart animals and can remember being taught commands. Besides elephants only mammals that can not jump, but also the only mammals that elephants can swim.

In one study, an elephant can swim for 6 hours and can travel a distance of up to 50 km.

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