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Bees are wingless insects whose life groups and a queen as its leader. Queen bees have a duty to lay eggs during her lifetime (age queen bee is approximately 3 years old). A queen bee can actively produce up to 2,000 eggs per day, and his food is nectar or so-called royal jelly.

In any group of bees (each group were in the nest) there are 3 types of levels, each bee has a specific task that the queen bee, worker bees and drones. The main task is laying queen bee, worker bees in charge of collecting pollen and nectar to be processed into honey bee queen bee manly duty to marry in order to continue to produce eggs.

Honey is commonly consumed by humans is produced by worker bees derived from nectar and pollen.

Bees have a lot of benefits, so below we have provided a number of images of bees. Download all the images of the following bees then print them using printer and give it to your kids to color. 

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Bee HD Wallpapers

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