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Batman is a superhero figure from Gotham City and identical black robes and clothing with bats as symbols. Batman character different from other super heroes usually have a power that no human being in general.

Unlike Superman who can fly and have skin that can not be penetrated by a sharp object, Batman is a human being who can be hurt, but Batman has the physical strength of a trained and supported by weapons and high-tech equipment such as the Batmobile, batradar, batscanner, batrope , batspray and much more. Most of the Batman weapons stored in his belt section.

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Batman Coloring Pages

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In the daily life, Batman is a millionaire named Bruce Wayne, a successful and wealthy businessman. Batman is headquartered at the bottom of a cave dwelling called the Batcave Bruce Wayne and Batman in managing his base was helped by Alfred, who also became a trusted butler at home.

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