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Apes are primates animals with body size the largest and most intelligent among other types of primates such as chimpanzee or monkey. Apes are native African animals and can only be found in most parts of Africa in the eastern plains and western plateau.

In the wild, apes survive by eating plants, vegetables and nuts, but sometimes the apes also eats insects, ants and termites. Apes are endangered animals because often hunted by humans and even aged long enough (between 30 to 50 years old) female apes usually only produce a maximum of 3 times the rest of her life.

Apes do not have tails and arms longer than the legs. Most of the apes body filled with feather fingers except section (feet and hands), face, armpits and section soles and palms. Despite having a large head but apes have brown eyes with a small size.

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Apes HD Wallpapers
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