Dragon Coloring Pages Realistic

Dragon is one of the most famous fictional beast, even many people who believe that these creatures are realistic animal. I do not want to judge or take sides on one opinion as this is a matter of belief but I want to do today is I want to share dragon coloring pages realistic to be colored by kids.

But before you download dragon picture below, let me share a little knowledge about the dragon.

The dragon is a general term for the mythological creature who intangible giant reptiles. These creatures appear in various cultures. In general, the form of a serpent, but others describe it as a winged lizard

Dragon, in various civilizations known as Dragon (UK), Draken (Scandinavia), Liang (China), known as the superior beings in the form of serpentine, sometimes can shoot fire, habitat in the entire space (water, land, air). Although the depiction of his form is different, but the general specifications of the creature described as being powerful creatures.

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Dragon figures in the western world is described as a monster, tends to destroy and allied with the dark forces. Imaged as antagonist which should be destroyed. Someone could get a hero or a knight to slay the Dragon. In short, the Dragon is a threat to humans.

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Below is 10 realistic dragon coloring pages that I promise before, download all of this realistic coloring pages !

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